Founding Principles

I. Covenant


1999, the professional public education organizations in Massachusetts joined together to focus on a common goal to substantially improve learning for the state’s nearly 1 million children. MassPartners represents a long-term, full-scale commitment by the state‚Äôs major education organizations to revolutionize the way we work together to achieve measurable improvement in districts, schools, and classrooms throughout the Commonwealth.

Historically representing oppositional viewpoints, this partnership is a landmark agreement to collaborate. We believe that we must align our efforts, energies, and resources and direct them into supporting the major changes required in schools today. MassPartners is an agreement to accept responsibility and take action together to help our members gain the attitudes, skills and knowledge they need to help their students meet rigorous learning and performance standards.


II. Members

America Federation of Teachers Massachusetts

Massachusetts Association of School Committees

Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

Massachusetts Elementary School Principals’ Association

Massachusetts Parent Teacher Student Association

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators’ Association

Massachusetts Teachers Association


III. Purpose

MassPartners is both a catalyst and subject of change.

  • As a catalyst, we will foster collaborative efforts to improve student achievement. We will model and promote changes to the present divisive culture in education. We will help our members implement collaborative decision-making for the purpose sharing successes and remediating the problems in schools.

  • As a subject, we will learn to work together. We will apply a systems approach to improve the ways we relate to each other and function in service to our students.


IV. Strategy

MassPartners will:

1) serve as a model of collaborative decision-making. We will learn a new practice of collaboration for addressing the challenges faced by our public schools.

2) provide information and assistance about collaborative decision-making at the local level to encourage districts and constituent members to use a collaborative model;

3) influence the legislative agenda by developing joint positions that serve our common goal of improving public schools in the Commonwealth; and

4) build a public relations campaign that promotes collaboration at the local level and a respected voice for MassPartners across the state.

Adopted January 1999

Reaffirmed September 2007